integrated restoration  is  a restorative laying down, guided meditation that brings you to a state between waking and dream. it can help heal unresolved traumas + scars in the body + mind and help bring you back to your underlying peace.

1 hour = roughly 4 hours of sleep.
(-) stress, anxiety, fear, depression, insomnia, PTSD, negative + destructive habits, psychological pain, physical pain
(+) restful sleep, energy, creativity, memory, learning capacity, immune system + healing response, inner peace, balance + stability, deeper knowledge of self


tibetan bowl Sound massage restructures the system on a cellular level through vibration. bowls placed on specific areas of the body allow vibrations to move through the water in the cells and override any blockages they may meet. the more they are played, the further the sound can travel through the body to facilitate healing.

(-) tension, physical, energetic + emotional  blockages
(+) harmonizes the frequency of each individual cell
(+) feelings of relaxation, lightness + freeness, energy, creativity + confidence


cacao ceremony, sound healing, breathwork + meditation in a sacred space.

ceremonial cacao has been used as  a heart opening medicine by the olmec people of central america since 1900. the sound of the drum connects us to the rhythm of the heartbeat and breathwork facilitates clearing and transformation.